Anger the Ancestral Spirits
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Anger the Ancestral Spirits
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Peter Neèl stood on the farmhouse veranda, his back to the wall. Before him lay his parents, in a pool of blood. They had been slain by a gang of War Veterans led by Nheva Moyo, a childhood friend who had grown up on the farm with him. Pete’s life hung in the balance. The War Veterans advanced toward him. Instinctively, he fired a shot, fatally wounding one of them. The gang continued their advance, unabashed. He fired again and again. Two more men fell. Then they slowly retreated from the veranda, shambolic. Keeping his Parabellum aimed at them, he made for the Land Rover, which stood under a wild fig tree. Hysterically, he emptied his firearm into the gang, killing another six men, then sped down the gravel road and fled the farm and his beloved country of birth to South Africa. A decade later, he returned to the farm after the Mugabe regime had been ousted. He took advantage of the recovering tourist industry and built a Safari Lodge as well as a cheetah and rhino conservation and breeding centre on the farm, living out his dream. But Nheva Moyo had other plans. He had a score to settle with Pete…
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Pieter J. Neill was born in Zimbabwe and raised on a farm. After completing High School in South Africa, he pursued a career as an Accountant. Twelve years later he finally realised that it was not his vocation. He returned to Zimbabwe to establish a Safari company, taking tourists off the beaten track. During the political instability and subsequent economic demise in Zimbabwe, he went back to South Africa where he taught Accountancy at a private school for a while before turning to writing full time. He and his South African wife, Wilmyn, and four children live in the Waterberg.

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