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Guyanese born and UK trained Registered Nurse has published Short Stories through XLIBIS publishers in 2011. She has captured the minds of the reader by expressing how a couple bade sad farewell to their beloved pooch when his time was up “The Contented”, in the first chapter. “The Day I Rode into Balloch Town” follows a Native American woman’s unforgettable dreamlike encounter with a handsome young man by the name of Clint Eastwood. Shanti shared “My Experience as a Nurse” and the traumas and dramas that led her to success. She set up the ‘Orthopaedic Pre-assessment Clinic’ in 2002 for her local NHS Trust and brought it from Doctor to Nurse led after two years. The clinic has been running smoothly since and merged with other specialities in 2006. Readers can discover other intriguing stories as they immerse in this collection of fascinating yet insightful tales. It reminds readers how people can become so caught up in trivial things that the little things in life seem to slip through without any acknowledgement. Short Stories explore the thoughts of adult behaviour which will keep the readers glued to the pages.
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I was born in Guyana and came to the United Kingdom in 1971 to do Nursing. I am still working for the NHS, and retirement is not too far away. I did quite a lot of travelling and lived in various parts of the country. I am a watercolour artist and hold many exhibitions. I wrote Banglar Bow(Bengali Bride) and got it published through AuthorHouse in 2007. My next art exhibition will be in August 2011 at our local church, where all local artists share their creations. I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read my book with many stories. I understand and appreciate how we are all very busy and the little things in life seem to slip through without any acknowledgement. Once again my thanks to my readers, my friends, and my family for their support and encouragement.

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