The Lovers Grimmer
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The Lovers Grimmer
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This is the second book in the 'Grim' trilogy of short stories by Aruja King. Still focusing on the plight of the single woman and various tales of misadventure involving the dating game, we are taken yet again on a sometimes shocking journey where there are no taboos and there is no sugar coating on the realities of heartbreak, however there is a large helping of wry humour, crazy imagery and circus magic to make this book palatable for all women. Especially those women who have failed at romance and feel alone. There is a story for everyone who has ever been made to feel like a fool and survived. This instalment kicks off with Twin Souls, a story of extreme obsession, with Eilleen on the quest to use any means necessary to make Neil love her, even if it involves using dangerous magic. Next we have the enthralling The Mother of all Evil, wherein Evelyn encounters her narcissistic boyfriend's mother. There are laugh out loud moments in Valentine's Day Massacre as Natalie's boyfriends are possessed by a demon that is in love with her. With 12 stories in this book, you are bound to find the one that resonates with you. Easy reading and highly recommended.
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Perfect Bound Softcover
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