The Gateway to Angelic Love and Blessings
The Gateway to Angelic Love and Blessings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Spirits surround us every day, but we do not notice them. To
make them present, we have to follow the signs they give us
on our way. This book deals with my real life story about me
growing up, being clairvoyant and medium, and having the fairy folk
around me. My book has great inspiration to those who belief in
fairies, spirits, and karma. Many beautiful pictures are contained in
this book: pictures of spirits and fairies living in my daily life. Many
incidents happening throughout my life prove that they really do exist.
Meditations and little prayers for today help people to communicate
with them (a dazzling account of fairies and spirits who work around
me all the time). I have many photographs featuring real life fairies
and spirits. Illustrations from the book The Ultimate Fairies Handbook
by Susannah Marriot can be compared with my pictures.

Preview coming soon.

My book is dedicated to Eva and David Langley.
Every year, in the first day of spring, fairies come
out dancing with their little delicate wings. We
Have guides and helpers who walk with us. This
is my true life experiences with the spirit world,
being clairvoyant and medium.


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