How To Succeed In Divorcing
How To Succeed In Divorcing
A journey for self discovery
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How to Succeed in Divorcing is dedicated to people in a divorcing or separating process, but also people in a relationship. It is about finding self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-fulfillment. It describes and explains the main obstacles and opportunities to perfect relationship if there is. There are tips and advices from relationship literature and from real life experiences of the author, Mi Sook Park Westman. The book is consisted of four chapters; Chaos, Agony, Normalization and Inspiration. These are typical phases that a person who goes through a divorce or separation. Each chapter starts with inner voice of the author in each phase, then summarized tips and advices that are mentioned from researches and literature, and finally author’s own experiences. Most of people who enter into divorcing are in a shock state of mind at the beginning. They are confused and wondered if their relationship can be saved by sexual contacts, but all those tries will just help those who want to go from the relationship and make more difficult to those who don’t want to leave from the relationship. It is also easily happening that drinking and eating junk food might help releasing some pain and suffering but it is just temporary and eating healthy and exercising help in a long run to achieve self-confidence. The contents of the book are attacking the crucial issues during the divorce and it provides a practical advice. The readers will be nourished by all the practical advices and lively descriptions of different situations, and then they will feel that they are not alone in this planet, and finally they will be inspired for a new life with new perspectives.
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Mi Sook Park Westman in 40’s goes through an interesting journey unplanned in2011. Since then, she shapes her future as she wants, following her authentic desire in life. She published her first poetry book, 40+ Love in 2012 and now her second poetry book, 40+ Love II – Four Seasons is released in 2013. Writing poems is her passion and a therapy to overcome her inner conflicts and fears. She inspires herself and her readers with her poems and she wishes that her poems help those who go through their journey in their life of chaos and crises. She chooses to trust human kinds rather than doubt and she chooses to believe in God. There is God and Greatness within each individual, she believes.

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