True Empowerment in the Workplace
True Empowerment in the Workplace
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This book is for Managers, Industrial Psychologists, HR Professionals and Organizational Development Consultants who wish to enhance employees' human potential, competencies and performance which in turn will lead to the improved efficiency of organisations. This will ultimately have a positive effect on the socio-economic environment. The book includes strategies for the empowerment of all categories of employees. The significance that employees should experience true empowerment, in other words, psychological empowerment is stressed.

Psychological empowerment surpasses all other efforts to empower. It is the X-factor of empowerment. It is about empowerment that is not simply structural or mechanistic, such as positions and pay packets, but includes aspects of feeling, such as feeling competent and having influence. The book is based on the author's doctoral thesis and the research she undertook for this purpose. Therefore the student of Organizational Psychology will find it to be a useful resource. It is equally useful for employees aspiring for achievements and making a difference.

This book sheds light on the concept, Psychological Empowerment. The author discusses the findings of her research that are relevant to everybody in the workplace. Characteristics of empowered employees and the factors that contribute to feeling empowered are highlighted. These factors consist of management practices, manager behaviour, as well as personal characteristics. Everything cannot be put into neat little boxes of cause and effect. Therefore the interrelationships between how and what people think and feel, how they react and what they do, as well as environmental influences are deliberated. Findings and conclusions are integrated to make recommendations about strategies that will contribute to a sense of true empowerment and will develop the characteristics and behaviours of psychologically empowered employees. What sets this book apart from other management books is the way research of the particular environment is cleverly assimilated into a unique strategy. Who will benefit from this book and who will read it? The book is directed at organisations, managers, students of management and psychology, Industrial Psychologists, HR Professionals, Organisational Development Consultants and employees aspiring for achievements and making a difference. If you feel others get more opportunities than you, you should read this book. If you want to know how to progress in your career, you should read this book. It is not just managers and management who are responsible for your empowerment. Each and every employee should take the responsibility upon themselves to find out more about the subject.
After obtaining a BA Degree in Psychology and Communications, Ansie Thirion-Fourie began her career in human resources. She was involved in assessment centres as administrator and later in management services as organisational development consultant. While working she obtained an Honours Degree and Masters Degree in Psychology. The subject of her research was quality of work life. She took a break from fulltime employment to do freelance work as learning material developer in generic management and soft skills and developed several learning programmes according to SAQA standards. In 2009 she obtained a doctorate in Psychology. The subject of research: psychological empowerment.

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