THREE is Company
THREE is Company
An Erotic Thriller
Perfect Bound Softcover
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HELLEY BURKE, a twenty-eight years old mother in her prime, fi nds herself

being shunned and hurt by her husband after several years of marriage. She


even discovers what she believes is evidence that he is planning to murder her!


Could it be true? Their only child, little Kenny, is a mere three years old, what


if she is no longer there to see to him? The survival instinct of a mother is paramount;


will she be forced into an act which might have disastrous consequences?


She is sustained through this traumatic episode in her life by her lawyer, Alison, whom


she befriends. Alison, like Shelley, is up until that time heterosexual but in a highly


emotional session in which a dark secret is revealed, they turn to each other for solace


and relief. Alison however, has the morals of an alleycat and has cuckolded her husband,


also a lawyer, for many years but a sexual encounter one day with one of her many


casual lovers strangely sees her triggering a new and different response from her man


and their relationship is enriched. Shelley, tentatively but almost inevitably, becomes


drawn into a



ménage a trois

with Alison and Jacob.

Then when Bridget, an acquaintance of Shelley’s is suddenly thrust into a ghastly scenario


involving her husband who is embroiled with The Mob, Alison and her husband are


there for her, and Shelley and the two lawyers join forces to stabilize Bridget’s life.


Amongst the various twists and turns is the strange mystery of the man whom the


friends christen “Bluebeard.” What is the secret behind the visits of groups of young


women to his huge house?


The story pulls no punches in the novel encounters which the various partners enjoy.


All of them have to learn different attitudes to the conventional ways in which they


started their adult lives.


The old adage states; “



Two’s company but three’s a crowd

,” but Celine’s Tale tells a different




Preview coming soon.
Celine Dale’s Tales always ensure that the reader’s interest will be constantly stoked at a high level of impending sexuality and in this tale of intrigue, mayhem and real people, all that Celine ever promises comes through constantly

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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