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Angels on Earth
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I recently wrote a book in honour of my beloved Boerboel and Cross Boerboel dogs. It is a book that highlights a series of events which transformed me from a girl who didn’t like dogs to a lady whose heart has been filled with unconditional love for them. It is an amazing story of love in its truest and most sincere form. Boerboels are intelligent, self-assured dogs bred to have extremely strong guarding instincts, and it is the only breed in the world bred with only one purpose, to guard and protect his family. The book highlights how cross breeding and inter breeding has led to many Boerboels in South Africa becoming prone to getting elbow and hip dysplasia. Three of my dogs were diagnosed with hip dysplasia with two having been put to sleep as a result of this condition. By writing this book I hope to create awareness in many ways. Firstly, to let people know the love and joy that animals bring into our lives and show them how rewarding it can be. Secondly, to raise awareness about buying Boerboels from registered breeders and lastly, to put more focus on the beautiful South African Boerboel itself, in an effort to preserve the breed. The book highlights love, loyalty, happiness, sadness and tells of my experiences over the years with my 5 fur kids. This is a book that will inspire people to never give up but to keep on trying.
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Resh currently lives in Gauteng, South Africa with her family. The love she has for her dogs inspired her to write this book and share her story with the world. Resh hopes to start her own Fur Kids-Angels On Earth Foundation following the success of the book. She would like to assist animal shelters that houses abused, stray, and abandoned animals.

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