Cries of a Tortured Soul
Cries of a Tortured Soul
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Since the beginning of time; sometimes some peoples chose to write about their life experiences. In these works, I have just done that but in a form of Poetry because Love is the Stranger. Who disagrees should go on and write their version of stories about me, is their prerogative!

I have been discredited by those strangers that think that they hold the powers, but I have stated the facts of the matters. The things that I heard them say about my daughter and me, but I do not possess the powers to rectify the mistakes; that have been made! As we lead our lives, we all make mistakes daily; because we are all humans and we are all fallible.

Due to all that have gone on, so many times I cried myself to bed. In my darkest hours; I was consoled by my Wonderful Daughter! Instead of being the Child, She grew up faster and became the shoulders to cry on and so; I dedicate the entirety of these works to my late daughter's foundation; "FOUNDATION IN MEMORIES OF ADA-EMILA RUTH VALMORI Bsc.Hons"


To her Father; the Kindest Man truly with a heart of gold, the kindest Man on Earth of whom without; I probably would not have been here today. The Man who brought up his Stepson with the Kindest Heart as he would bring up His Own Natural Child, and To My Grandson!

To another Man, a wonderful Person of whom without; we would have been homeless for much longer than necessary! He who saw that wrong was done and asked that things should be put right! To those freedom fighters of yester years, and those of today! To they who fight for the rights of the weak due to injustices in our World.

To All the Descendants of Immigrants the World Over, those from the beginning of time, since Humankind, because they were the courageous pioneers; who set the pace that some of us followed! To those who have travelled abroad to cure their Child. To those that believe in Fairness and those who believe in Kindness. To those who believe in Love. To the Just Women and the Just Men of This Our Great Universe!

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I was born in Nigeria. My father had eleven children, five from my mother, who had three boys and two girls. I am her first daughter and the third child. My father died during the Nigerian Civil War. My mother, on her own, without social security or help from our extended families on both sides, brought us up on her own.

I left school without any higher school certificates, but between 1988 and 1989, I did correspondence courses and I attained four GCSEs. In 1997, I started studying Law with the Open University, but sadly, in my second year, I dropped out because I could no longer fund myself.

Since then, for eleven years, I have studied at the University of Hardships and learned how to write poetry on my own. My favourite poets are: T. S. Elliot, Dylan Thomas, Byron, and I also found it very fascinating to read ‘African Women’s Poetry’.


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