Through the Eyes of the Master
Through the Eyes of the Master
A Conversation with Funakoshi Sensei on the Other Side
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A Karate Do instructor is victim of a violent street assault that sends him into a coma. While unconscious he has a near death experience where he finds the profound happiness that eludes him on this earth. Reluctant to return to his body he is granted one of his most unattainable dreams: to meet the founder of Karate Do, Gichin Funakoshi Sensei, a figure who has had a remarkable impact on his life, deceased then for 41 years. His dialogues with the Master will have a profound personal effect and great influence on his spiritual renewal.
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Whilst still in his adolescence, Francisco Estévez discovered in Budo the path that enabled him to channel his drive for inner development and self discovery. He joined the Foreign Service of Spain and continued his quest for knowledge studying in dojos in Europe, Asia and the United States. During his postings in Central America, he opened dojos first in Costa Rica and later in Nicaragua, teaching in both for the length of his tenure. Currently in Luanda, Angola, he continues his study of Karate Do. In 2003 he received in Tokyo the rank of 4º Dan, by Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei.

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