The Self-Creating Universe
The Self-Creating Universe
The Making of a Worldview
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The Self-Creating Universe is a wide-ranging attempt to bring science and spirituality together in a philosophical synthesis. It opens up to the reader exciting new developments in the natural sciences while also showing how these contribute to a worldview which addresses fundamental philosophical and social questions. The key concept is creativity, in both nature and human life. Making use of ideas from the history of philosophy and from recent speculations in sciences including cosmology and evolution, the book offers bold conjectures about the emergence of new forms of order and self-organisation in nature, in consciousness and in human life as a whole. The book is written in an accessible style which is designed to appeal to both the general reader and to specialists interested in the wider implications of their fields.

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The writer is an award-winning author of a number of books and articles on a range of subjects including the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of psychoanalysis, the history of science, and intercultural East–West philosophy. His books have been translated into several languages including German, Japanese, and Chinese. After degrees from University College and Birkbeck College, London, he taught philosophy at McGill University, Montreal, at the University of Singapore, and at Kingston University, London where he was professor in the history of ideas. He lives in Tintern, Wales.

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