A Child to Cherish
A Child to Cherish
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In Perpignan, south of France, a woman who had survived Meningitis, died after a serious car accident leaving her two daughters alone with their unworthy father, dragging them away from their country to move to the United States. Amelia and Megan were two amazingly beautiful girls who had their mother's heart but their father's charm. Amelia's husband receives an anonymous letter telling him not to trust the people whom he treasured most, taking him to Chicago to find out who the perpetrator of the mysterious letter was. Megan unleashes all the story of what happened between herself and her sister during the time they were living with their grandparents. Amelia's husband faced with this story tries to uncover the real truth of what happened to his wife with the help of his friends. Megan had a baby boy after seven months of getting married and she was looking forward to start a family with her French husband. Why after so many years of turmoil, jealousy and lies Megan and Amelia had to be separated again, this time for ever.
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Charles Cassar was born on the 24th November 1961. Studied engineering and after obtaining HTD in engineering he started working as a Manager in a Plastics company. After fourteen years working with this German owned company he managed to obtain further diplomas in Human Resources including Training and Development. Charles married and had three daughters, currently 26 years, 25 years and 14 years. After the first child he opened his first company in the manufacturing sector, a few years later he decided to move offshore buying properties in various other countries. After achieving all this he was desperate to write his first fiction novel; he found the perfect spot to write this novel; in front of the rolling hills filled with green pastures in the southeast part of Ireland. Today Charles also contributes to the little Island of Malta as a freelance consultant in various projects. When the right time comes he is determined to write his second novel, maybe a continuation of his first novel: A Child To Cherish.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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