The Fall of Life
The Fall of Life
Spirits and Free Will
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Conscious is what you believe in, what is real and not real. By feeling and hearing inner self, is by the spirit which activates the conscious that is electrical current in the break and transfers the message into the understanding for humans. Which the heart calls it feelings, then you know your spirits are talking to you. So the four words come into play for the humans to live by. Feelings are saying, which those are listed in the book. “Without hope, all the four words, there’s no life.” The love of spirits, to love the spirits, is to love oneself, because we are born of the on bread. From the beginning of time, we are all of the one flesh, and of the one spirit, and as the spirit of God and He created all spirits for each individual—for different purpose. So this is why we follow the spirits, which is the soul. Earth is a training ground for the future of internal life, to go back to God and share in His kingdom, as a gift from God. What you do on earth is a judgment ground where you go after death: “God or to the Dark?” Your free will will choose this by your actions on earth but not by words—by your actions and faith only. The earth was created by God for Him to see proof of where you really want to go by free choice.
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Spirits invited me, chose me, and came to me for a reason thru finance, physical, mental, and happiness by choice. I was given a choice, not by force to take on the spirits work for the human race. Plus 9 others, one special one, has gone back to the spirit world. “Shumra Merlishama” So that inspired me and the rest of us to carry on for her to do God’s work, God the heavenly spirit, not of man, but of God’s work alone. Which has given us hope to carry thru God’s word. The gift he has given us, to help and guide us, thru sacrifice of Jesus as a spirit.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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