The New Millennium
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The New Millennium
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This novel is set in the future when it becomes necessary to pull down what we have created. We are living now in a computerised autocracy and it can only get worse. The old saying ‘You reap what you sow’ applies here. Look what we are sowing, in this, The New Millennium. We have to deal with computerised monsters every day of our lives. Great technology, love it myself, but how are we using it? – To the benefit of society or to allow the system to control us? If you are happy with it, that is fine, if you do not like it, come to the frightening future we are creating and help me destroy it.
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The author lives on an isolated country property near Ipswich, Australia where the natural, unspoiled bush environment offers the tranquillity which is conducive to the craft of writing. He has led an adventurous life and travelled extensively, especially in South America where he lived with the common people while learning to speak the language. At the time, the brutal Pinochet dictatorship ruled Chile. Much of the subcontinent lived under political anarchy and violence. With trusted friends, he discussed the political situation and eventually formed his own conclusions about the world political order. Although well travelled, he sees himself as very much an Australian who loves his country but remains cynical about the way we are all heading into a dangerous cultural and political phase where computerised autocracy is very much a future possibility.

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