Runaway Princesses
Runaway Princesses
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When twin princesses Biscottini and Bruschetta Onion escape from their luxurious lifestyle in King Onion’s castle in a quest to find true happiness they are surprised at every turn: they act quickly to avoid danger, work harder than they could ever imagine and learn to eat humble pie; discover teamwork; learn about rules; discern good friendships, and how to be discrete about their true identity. They meet interesting characters along the way: Carob the horse, Twitch the white rabbit, and the dangerous Mister Cage-man. Their life-changing epic provides friends, but when they want to return to the castle, humungous obstacles arise. Will their new friends help them to fulfill their destiny? Great life lessons for readers old and young, good family reading with a happy ending, a theme of admirable love, destiny, and food topped with icing made of joy in living every day no matter what happens.

Marie had her first art assignment at the age of six, when her teacher asked her to draw posters for her bridge club. It proved to be a success - she became her teacher’s favourite until she left primary school. Her ability to tell stories also began at an early age when she created comic books with her siblings during the long school holidays in Ireland. Marie’s love for writing stories and creating inspirational art have been revived in the past few years and she now uses her computer, an electronic pen, tablet and accessories to bring her ideas to life. In Runaway Princesses her childhood dreams reach fruition as she fuses her love of telling stories, teaching children honest life lessons, combined with her experiences as an actor and producer in an inspirational story with motivating and delightful characters in fascinating settings.
This is a wonderful story about princesses who do not understand that they are spoiled and decide to try fresh pastures: surprise, they find that happy children are not quite what they seem, and life outside the castle is not what it is cracked up to be. Determined to return, their plans are stopped and their course is out of their hands. Enjoying life as best they can, continue in their wily disguise until Mrs. Red-hair makes a thrilling discovery and causes another adventure to happen...
From one adventure, castle gates to factory floor, this book has it all, adventure, suspense, surprise, great lessons (hardy learned) about the importance of hard work, rules, and most of all, how rulers ought to rule. A book with contemporary themes to be read and lessons gleaned by all. Totally enjoyable with loads of creative art work to enhance the story for little. Get it soon... your life will be changed.

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