My Mother's Way of Dying Well
My Mother's Way of Dying Well
Reflections by the Author on Her Parents' Deaths
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The unexpected collection of my parent’s ashes from the crematorium opened the door to a new adventure in dealing my parents death that I personally found very liberating for my soul. It marked the beginning of a personal pilgrimage of faith I had no intention of taking, I thought I was dealing with my parents remains. As time passed I realized I had no choice but to take this path – this journey was the only way forward for me. Surprisingly for me it actually strengthened my faith in God and his ways as taught in the Christian faith and it’s hard to describe how. Once I committed myself to the task I had to take action. I plunged my hands into their ashes that first day even though for me it was like plunging my hands into my parent’s dead bodies. It was irksome and revolting to me the first time.

THE AUTHOR DIANNE PORTER TALKS ABOUT THIS BOOK During the period covering the death of my parents, Geoffrey and Helen Byrne, I found keeping a journal immensely helpful. In my journal I recorded detailed information about the issues I dealt with and the emotions I faced when my father died suddenly and later my mother died more slowly of cancer. My emotional reactions to the events that occurred were intense and very stressful for me at this time, I noticed details I needed to recall kept falling out of my memory. To overcome this problem I often sent copies of the reflections I wrote in my journal to people involved in my mother’s care. This book is a collection of those that have a more universal message about what it is like to face the emotions generated by the death of people we love dearly. The silent character in this book is my husband who became my inadvertent muse. I wrote many of these reflections to share with him what was happening so he could understand what I was going through. At the time the emotions I felt were so intense I couldn’t speak. On several occasions my husband said to me “This stuff you are writing is just brilliant – it’s so good you should write a book!” followed by his rider “… and I should know because I am a librarian and I catalogue books all day for a living!” If you love what I have written thank my husband Michael Porter, he has encouraged me to share my heart with you all. This book is a collection of the relevant journal entries I made during the period covering my parent’s death and the disposal of their estate, it reflects my inmost thoughts and feelings. Dianne Porter May 2013

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