Merchant of the Orient
Merchant of the Orient
An Enterpreneur's Journey in Life
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Merchant of the Orient—An Entrepreneur’s Journey in Life is a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur who ever dreamed of becoming his or her own boss and the master of their destiny!

Thailand, what a wonderful place to live and do business. After 30 years of operating my own business in Thailand friends recommended that I write a book on doing business in Thailand. This books covers my business and personal life and during 30 years of living in 9 provinces in Thailand.
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Don Battles is a self-made businessman who was tired of working for wages in a boring environment. He graduated from Auburn University in Aerospace Engineering and went on to do graduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Miami. After the Apollo Program ended he sought a different course in life as an inventor. He made his way to the Orient in 1984, which was the beginning of a new life in Bangkok, Thailand. "His travels took him around the globe doing business and enjoying adventures on six continents." From 30 years in the orient, Don has met thousands of people as customers and business associates. These relationships and experiences are brought out in detail in this book. From love to heart breaks in the Orient this book gives you the insight into both business and love life in Thailand. The lovely sexy women in Bangkok are captivating and can easily take control of your life. It happened to Don a few times. Currently Don is a semi-retired Fish and Mexican Pepper Farmer and also a small café operator in Chiang Rai in the North of Thailand. This retreat from the corporate world in Bangkok and the Middle East is his last stop in life. This is a long way from the excitement of Bangkok and other Asian cities. Be prepared to escape from the normal side of life with this true, unvarnished tale of the author’s life and the people and instances he experienced that built him into the man he is today!

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