Lost Generations
Lost Generations
A Historical Novel
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Lost Generations is a tragicomic, at times hilarious, saga of a well-off Sikh family forced out of Rawalpindi during the partition of Punjab in 1947. The story follows the family’s struggles and partial rehabilitation as they settle in Delhi, attempting to keep up the appearances of their affluent past and preserve their old mores. Around them, however, the world is disintegrating, and eventually, they face death, destitution and an uncertain future once again in 1984.

Lost Generations is a story of misogyny, sexism, racism, intolerance, corruption, exploitation, and materialism—all innate to Indian society.

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Manjit Sachdeva was born in Lahore (now in Pakistan) in 1945. At the time of the partition of Punjab in 1947, the family took refuge in India staying in refugee quarters in Allahabad for fifteen years. The author studied mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1962–67), and industrial engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1976–77). He and his family, settled in Delhi in 1984, witnessed the genocide of refugee Sikhs in November 1984. They immigrated to Australia in 1988 and have been settled there since then. He is married with two well-settled children. Lost Generations is his first novel.

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