Exit Lines
Exit Lines
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One thing I detest in this life is injustice, and certainly I see much unfairness in my life. My second name is Justice! As far as I am concerned, the greatest injustice of all is the forced uprooting from my own home and the ensuing Turkish occupation of Cyprus. We need to break down the wall of hatred and unite that little island so that its people can live together in peace. Make my wish come true! Break down the dividing line of hatred in Cyprus!

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Maria Athanasi-Fenner was born in a little mountain village called Karmi, in the Kyrenia district, of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The youngest of six children, she lived a very basic and uncomplicated existence with her large family. She had to work hard from a very young age in order to contribute to her family’s maintenance.

                In 1974, tragedy struck her family when Turkey invaded Cyprus. She lost everything, including three people in her family. Maria then escaped to England where she met up with her penfriend.

Maria was dealt another blow when her husband passed away at a young age. In her early thirties, Maria became a widowed mother in a foreign land, with several missing family links. Up to this point, she certainly has more than her fair share of misfortunes. But her determination to keep above stormy waters continues.

In late 1986, she immigrated to Australia where she lives permanently.

She was writing poems and short stories from a young age, but her uneasy spirit does not stop there. She finds writing as a therapeutic tool that can help her through her dark times. She wrote several poems and short stories published in her native tongue as well as in English.

She decided to write her memoirs, dedicated to her missing family links and her two daughters Helen and Sarah, who had never met their father. As a victim of extraordinary circumstances, Maria hopes her powerful story will bring comfort and inspiration to others.


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