Move Forward
Move Forward
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MOVE FORWARD is a story about how, 'domestic violence,' affects the victim. Susan Anderson, who had led a charmed life until her first husband died in an accident many years ago. Susan was lonely after her two sons went away to university. She met and married Joe, she now finds herself subjected to violence by her new husband. The whole experience has left her with phobia issues. This story tells how Susan dealt with these issues, with the help of friends and doctors; she was then able to ‘Move Forward ' and enjoy her life.

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This is the first novel that I have written. I hope you like my characters and the story. Susan Anderson and Jake Brady had been neighbours for many years; Jake built a house on the mountain, a lovely tranquil place to write his novels. His home is above Susan Anderson’s farm, which is in the valley in Northern New South Wales Australia. Susan lived with her sons Andrew and Stephen. Her husband John had died in a car accident when the boys were toddlers. With the help of a farm manager Susan ran the farm, as well as painting her landscapes, which were popular and sold well. Susan had a peaceful life, filled with the fun of raising her boys, the beauty of her precious rainforest; that was until, while her sons were at university, she met and married a man she had met in Sydney while visiting her mother. Joe Dickens had immigrated to Australia from England, He met Susan at a local club then pursued her relentlessly, he was charismatic had lovely manners, sparkling blue eyes and was very loving to Susan at the beginning. Then one day, that all changed. Joe’s behaviour changed the day he broke Susan’s wrist, she also had many ‘accidents!’ over the four years of their marriage that had seemed suspicious. Susan lived alone on the farm with Joe, isolated from everyone. Except Jake Brady her neighbour, he could see her place, the accidents and abuse from his window where he sat each day writing his novels. Joe tried to murder Susan for her money he then had an accident. Jake heard Susan screaming and Joe swearing, then gun shots. Jake called the police and her son Andrew; he then drove to her farm to see if he could help. What followed was a journey of recovery for Susan from ‘domestic violence’ on her quest to ‘Move Forward.’

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