Psyche's Legacy
Psyche's Legacy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It was supposed to be exciting, yet such an ordinary event in their lives. A new town, a new university. Tyler's father wanted to turn the old family castle on the hill overlooking the village into student accommodation. Tyler and five friends moved in as a one year trial. All was quiet at the start of the University year but it soon became clear that there was something else in residence as well. Something old, something dark. It had been there, waiting in the shadows for a long time. It had been disturbed by their presence and it did not like them. It did not want them there. And it was very, very angry. Dreams became nightmares, good times turned to evil. Was it just one entity or many? Who did it hate the most? The final showdown was about to begin. How would they rid the castle of it's presence? Or would this entity destroy them first?
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Louise Walker has always had a fascination with the supernatural and paranormal and has spent many hours reading and researching ghost stories from around the world. Many of the events described in this book are based on her own experiences or those of her friends and family. Louise was born in New Zealand and currently lives in Auckland with her husband and cat. This is the first novel she has published.

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