Innocence and Villainy
Innocence and Villainy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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School board defendants are poisoned during a courtroom farce and Jim O'Kelly is a suspect. Jim's youth and education are garnished by mostly innocent older girls. He and Pat Wakely honeymoon and join the 'mile high club'. Jim supports racial integration and is fired from his position as school principal in Cobacco County, Virginia. Educators flee from Cobacco County's villainous Ku Klux Klan. Jim and black ex-educator Howard Hammond sue the Cobacco School Board for employment discrimination. Police investigate others suspected of the courtroom murders. The guilty party confesses on a death bed. Cobacco public schools integrate.
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Author J.J. O'Kelly's early years in Mount Freedom, N.J. were sweetened by his mother's love and humor. He was desolated by her early death. J.J.'s father taught him to like farm animals, but not farming. During high school he met young ladies on his Saturday mail route. He swore and tangoed while in the U.S. Army. After college, Jim and Pat married happily. Lawyers, school administrators and other charlatans plagued him. His first novel was "Youth's Fantasy". A third novel is in progress. He plays bridge and tennis. E-mails for the author handled
Murder mystery and fantasy historical memoir inludes school integration problems,and four deaths.
john stalder 
Intruiging mystery. Alternate Climax Contest with 3 monetary prizes. Entries accepted until May 13, 2013 E-mail entries to jjo' Identify the actual murderer with details of how it was done. Happy reading and happy slueuthing.
John James 
This book is good for easy reading and depicts a number of incidents that challenges one to reminis and review his childhood as well. The murder mystery added good fervor to the reading.

Also, I found it intriguing that a reward would be offered to the one who correctly indentified the murder or murders.
Nelson Browning 
It was very refreshing to read a biography of my friend John.

The double theme was interesting and with a good sense of humor.

It was an easy read and has soul.
Rosita Jones 
A book that gives lots of social commentary as it tells of Jim's life growing up in the 1939's and then as an adult dealing with segregation issues and murder in the south during the 1950's. Written in short concise sentences with detailed descriptions of situations.
nancy clark 
Exciting and interesting book. The contest to identify the murder is worth entering for the monetary rewards.
j j montgomery 
This book has humor and intrigue...keeps you looking for results of the characters' behavior, and I'm happy to see the "contest" being used again. The entries of the contestants should prove to be quite interesting.

Intruiging murder in a courtroom. Background history of all suspects. Offers a free contest with monetary prizes for three readers who submit alternate culprite among those present in the courtroom.
Art Miller 

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